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Garage Door Track Repair Chicago

Garage Door Track Repair & Replacement

The garage door track is what guides the rollers, which cause the garage door to open and close...Pretty important! If it is bent, damaged or misaligned we can help.

Can Garage Door Tracks Be Replaced?

 If your garage door’s track is broken or warped, it won’t open or close properly. Garage door tracks can, of course, be changed. But you should be aware that the procedure is pretty difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort, we highly suggest you leave this repair to a pro.

Replacing tracks is a two man job at least because garage doors are so heavy (around 400 pounds).  In any case, having skilled specialists replace your damaged garage door tracks is your best option.

For many of our clients, track maintenance is all that is required. Knowing how to recognize the early indications of degradation helps stop the problem from growing to the point where replacement is the only viable solution. The following are indications that you should fix your garage door tracks.

Signs your Track may have an Issue

  • Shaking Garage Door
  • Uneven Garage Door
  • Damaged Garage Door Rails


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How do you Fix a Bent Garage Door Track

A garage door system has numerous moving elements. It’s entirely normal for the parts to ultimately wear out because you use the door frequently. For instance, the track may readily bend if something gets stuck in the grooves. As a result, the garage door may become misaligned.

You may now be wondering if you can fix a bent garage door track by yourself. Before you choose a choice, let’s examine the procedure:

Putting lubricant to the Moving Parts

To keep the wheels and tracks from bending, constant lubrication is essential. All of the system’s moving parts, especially the hinges and rollers, should be lubricated with silicon oil, light oil, or spray lubricant.

The procedure can take a while, especially if you don’t know where to look for these components. On the other hand, if you contact us to perform garage door tune-ups and inspections, we’ll make sure that all the moving parts are adequately greased.

The Garage Door Tracks Must Be Inspected

In order to stop the garage door from veering off course, it’s critical to identify and fix bent garage door tracks as soon as possible. The tracks should always be checked for straightness, thus. They ought to be vertical, straight, and at an equal distance from one another. Otherwise, they might be twisted, throwing the door off track as a whole.

The bolts holding the bent garage door tracks in place need to be loosened in order to fix them. To return the track to its upright position, give it a light tap. The bent tracks can also be straightened with a pair of pliers. Once the track is perfectly straight, the bolts will be tightened back into position.

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